Razer Edge is a Windows 8 gaming tablet capable of playing PC games [Video]

We’re seeing a lot of cool things here at CES that run Windows 8. One of the cooler things we’ve seen is a gaming tablet called Razer Edge. The Razer Edge is much more than just your standard Windows 8 tablet. It has four distinct modes for all types of gaming and productivity.

Stripped down to just its basic form the Razer Edge is a 10.1″ Windows 8 Pro tablet. It has a Intel Core i5 or i7 processor to power you through any game you can play. The tablet can be docked into a keyboard for those who prefer to game with keys. There is also a mobile console controller that wraps around the tablet so you can hold it with your hands and play. Lastly, you can connect wireless controllers to play games on it like a TV. Since it runs Windows 8 Pro it can play all the powerful PC games you want.

The Razer Edge won the innovation award at last year’s CES, and this year it is back and better than ever. The whole package will retail around $1,700, but the mobile controller alone will only cost $250. Check out the video to see a Steam game being played with the controller.

  • Looks interesting but that dock is just silly. I can’t imagine playing that for any length of time, especially long titles like Dishonored.