Google Maps web version is back for Windows Phone users

After the huge stink about the Google Maps web version disappearing for Windows Phone users, Google has finally re-enabled it. The redirect was put into place last week, which saw Windows Phone users being re-directed to the main homepage of Google instead of being allowed to access Maps. Google’s reasoning was that Internet Explorer didn’t offer a good maps experience, but this has proven to be untrue.

Google and Microsoft have been at each other’s throats recently, with Google pulling Exchange ActiveSync for Gmail account holders and Microsoft criticizing the FTC settlement over Google’s “monopoly”. This is likely not the last attempt we’ll see from Google to stifle Windows Phone users, so be prepared for it.

[via The Verge]

  • JSYOUNG571

    I just don’t get Microsoft anymore. Google blocks Windows Phone users from accessing Google Maps. Microsoft goes on a tantrum across media outlets claiming how unfair Google is being to Windows Phone users as far as service and that you demand Google to restore service to Windows Phone users. Where is your pride Microsoft when your users should be more interested in using BING maps and other services? Have you become that reliant on Google that you would embarrass yourself by complaining and whining about Google not sharing their services for your phone? Are you all that ashamed of BING Maps and your other services which is your own product? If you don’t have faith and belief in your own service, then why should we. If I am buying a Windows Phone, I expect to buy it for services that I use with Microsoft not Google. Seeing this kind of behavior from Microsoft whining about use of Google Maps gives me pause in wanting to purchase a Windows Phone or use any of Microsoft services if they have self- debt in themselves about their own products.