The future of restaurants is a Windows based smart table [CES Video]

If you want to get a taste of what the future might look like CES is a good place to start. Th people and companies here have many visions for what the future will hold, and they all include their products. One company is looking to improve the restaurants and retail store experiences with Windows based table PCs.

Imagine this: you walk into your favorite restaurant and you’re seated at a table. The waitress doesn’t leave a menu, and she doesn’t ask what you want to drink. Instead you look through the menu on a screen in the table and just tap what you want to eat or drink. As soon as it’s ready the waitress brings the food that you ordered to the table. This could also work in a retail store for clothes or shoes too. Instead of looking through racks of shirts just scroll through a list and select it.

The table that we saw was based on Windows 7, but they said they would upgrade it to Windows 8. This is good because the touch responsiveness wasn’t that great in the table we saw, and it’s much improved in Windows 8. The table also has a credit card reader built right in. You will no longer need to wait for your waitress to take your card up to pay.

What do you think about this technology? Will it ever catch on?

  • That would be so cool!

  • Holy crap we live in the future! This is awesome!

  • Robert Marino

    I thought this future was supposed to happen about 10 years ago. I am excited though, I could see this being used in a few quirky restaurants, or Japan – all of it.