Hands-on with the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix and Twist [Video]

While Windows Phone devices may be few and far between this year at CES, there is no shortage of Windows 8 laptops and tablets. Lenovo is one company that has some really neat form factors for Windows 8. Previously we’ve seen the flexible Lenovo Yoga, and now they are adding to the collection with more.

The video above is the ThinkPad Helix. The Helix is a tablet with a keyboard dock, but not just any keyboard dock. The tablet can be docked with either the keyboard in front or back. This means you can use it like a laptop, or just fold the keyboard under and use it like a tablet, and of course you can use it without any keyboard as well.

Next is the ThinkPad Twist. As the name suggest, this is a laptop with a twisting screen. The concept is certainly not new, but with Windows 8 and this good hardware it actually works well. It can be used in all the same orientations as the Helix, but the only difference is the screen is attached.

The Helix is not available yet, but the Twist starts at $829. Check out the videos for a closer look.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I like those twisting computers, but I’m not sure they are really necessary anymore. Windows 8 provides a much better interface. What is the point of having a whole keyboard there that you don’t need? That is why I prefer the docking ones. You need the keyboard? Stick it in. Don’t need it? Get rid of it!

    I never understood the purpose of the Yoga, for example. It folds all the way back, but then what is the point of the extra bulk and weight? Other than to use it as a stand, I see no point in it.

  • just

    I like this hybrid tablet and considering getting this.