Lenovo considering making Windows Phone devices in 2013

Lenovo senior executive JD Howard has hinted that his company plans on creating a Windows Phone 8 device this year. Microsoft and Lenovo have always been heavy partners, as the ThinkPad brand is one that is lauded among tech and enterprise circles. This will be Lenovo’s first foray into the Windows Phone market, but not the first phone excursion under the company’s belt, as it has produced a few Android devices.

No doubt Lenovo is watching both Nokia and HTC to see where Windows Phone takes them as companies–Nokia recently had good news with higher than expected sales–but don’t expect a Lenovo device early out of the gate until further proof that Windows Phone is staying. Lenovo will likely jump on the market once the solidarity of the ecosystem is confirmed by other companies. What do you think? Would you purchase a Lenovo handset were one to be created?

[via ZDNET]


  • Edgar Cervantes

    They would probably do better than they do with Android. I say it is worth a shot!