Nokia admits Lumia shortages caused by cautious production

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop admitted in a conference call with investors that Lumia sales could have grown even faster if the company had not been cautious with production orders for the first run of the devices.

“AT&T and the 920 had significant supply issues with us during the course of the quarter.”

Elop admits that the Lumia 920 shortages were caused by the company being very deliberate and thoughtful concerning how the Windows Phone 8 device debuted in November. Other contributing factors to the shortage of devices include limited supply of key components from suppliers.

“We have to make steady progress quarter-on-quarter-on-quarter. Obviously, getting off to a good start with Windows Phone 8 was important in that journey and I think the results today reflect the fact that first step is something we are quite pleased with.”

Elop also mentioned that Symbian sales for the company were not a significant contributor to posting profits, which leaves Windows Phone 8 as the company’s only profitable operating system.

[via EST]


  • Fred931

    Hopefully, they are trying to ramp production up. They’re selling the new Lumia lineup in India now, and doesn’t Nokia have a huge following there?

  • Both India and China, which are HUGE markets for Nokia. So glad to see this upturn for them.

  • Fred931

    So they only started selling in China now? Didn’t they run out of a lot of preorders back in November?