Office 2013 might launch on January 29th

Microsoft has been beta testing Office 2013 for a while now and many assumed it would launch March 31st, 2013. New reports today suggest that Microsoft’s newest entry into its productivity suite could be arriving in just a few short weeks. is reporting that their sources have the launch date set for January 29th, with the new version of Office 365 launching int he week of January 21st.

According to this report, users in the United States will get the update first, followed by other territories in the coming months. All regions are scheduled to have the update released to them by November. For those of you still interested in Office 2010, you should get it now as Microsoft will stop downloads of it on April 8th, 2014. This is the same date that Microsoft will officially stop support of Windows XP as well.



  • CX1

    Hopefully they fix the Hotmail account bugs.

  • Haxcid

    Office 2013 has been available through MSDN and regular software assurance customers for months nearly. I have been using it for so long I thought is was in retail ages ago… lol.

  • Fred931

    Anyone else just use OpenOffice? :)

  • No cause shit is horrible. When it comes to stuff like this it’s office or nothing. Can’t wait for Office 2013.

  • Fred931

    Firstly, what is “stuff like this?” Secondly, if all I’m doing is the occasional word processing and very rare presentation, free is much better than $120+.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I use Open Office. It serves the same purpose and uses the same formats (and more). I don’t really need to pay for Microsoft Office. Sure, Open Office is a bit less intuitive, but nothing you can’t get used to.