If your Windows Phone fails to start just insert the Windows installation disc [Humor]

Ah, Windows error screens. Almost as famous as the OS itself. You might think that your Windows Phone 8 device doesn’t have an error screen, but apparently it does. The screen shown above is not fake. That is a real error screen from Windows Phone 8 discovered by WMPU.

The error screen tells the user to insert the Windows installation disc and restart your computer. Unless there is a tiny optical drive somewhere I’m guessing you’re not going to have much luck with that installation disc. Luckily this isn’t a screen many of us will ever see. It only happens if you do stuff like flash new firmware. However it is a good example to show that WP8 does indeed run on the Windows kernel. Next we need the blue screen of death.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    LOL. Wow. This is pretty funny. lol.

  • Dawww… I was hoping the new error screens would be all metro-ish too. lol

  • mateo

    I meet this issue and I did not flash anything. I use my phone normaly. How can I do to fix it ?