Photosynth says Windows Phone 8 app release just “weeks away”

Photosynth is one of the apps that Microsoft showed off with the new “lenses” feature in Windows Phone 8. It worked really well, and would be perfect for lenses, but there is just one problem: the app is still not available for WP8. According to the Photosynth Twitter account they ran in to some driver issues with some phones that put them behind schedule. They say the app should be ready in weeks.

The Photosynth situation is another example of how Microsoft’s size hurts them. The Photosynth Team has no relation to the Windows Phone team. Their goal is to make a great product. They have no allegiance to Windows Phone. Microsoft should demand that all products and services are made to work with Windows as their first priority. Photosynth should have been available at launch, not three months later. How can Microsoft expect other companies to make Windows Phone apps when they aren’t even doing it themselves?

  • Honest question. Did you guys see this on WPC and decide to directly quote Twitter instead of sourcing WPC?

  • Can’t wait to try out Photosynth!

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    I like Photosynth and this is great they’re supporting Windows Phone 8