The Best of Windows at CES 2013

Last week at CES we covered a wide range of Windows-based devices and services. From 27-inch table top PCs to 4-inch phones, we covered it all. Windows 8 was really the king of this year’s show. Not many Windows Phone devices were on the show floor, but the metro Start screen of Windows 8 could be seen at almost every booth. Now it is time to pick out some of our favorite things from the show. Here is our best of CES 2013 (in no particular order).

Samsung ATIV Odyssey

The ATIV Odyssey was one of two new Windows Phone devices show off at CES. It’s a small, mid-range device for Verizon that should be perfect for first time smartphone users.

Huawei Ascend W1

Huawei finally unveiled the Ascend W1. After many months of rumors, leaks, and pictures there wasn’t much left to do with the W1 besides hold it in our anxious hands.

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

The ThinkPad Helix was one of the most innovative Windows 8 devices we saw. The screen can be removed, but also put in the dock facing forward or backward.

Panasonic 4K Windows 8 Tablet

4K TVs were around every corner at CES, but there was only one 4K tablet. Panasonic showed off this 4K Windows 8 beauty that should be perfect for creative types.

Razer Edge Windows 8 Gaming Tablet

Windows might be the most popular gaming platform, so why not make a Windows 8 gaming tablet with an awesome controller? Razer did just that.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon

Remember the old Surface? The one that was basically a table? That form factor is coming back these days, and Lenovo did it the best with the IdeaCentre Horizon.

Tobii Rex Eyesight Controller

The first thing we saw at CES might be the coolest. With Tobii Rex you can control Windows 8 with only your eyes. Trust us, it works.

Read all our CES 2013 coverage right here. What was your favorite thing from the show?

  • idlelimey

    I was really hoping for the larger OEMs to deliver some advancement of the ‘All-in-one’ form factor. Of note there was the Lenovo IdeaCentre A series refresh which, inexplicably, won’t be available until June despite being a modest update of an already available machine. Currently there are, perhaps, just 3 All-in-one’s available of any note (Lenovo, Samsung and er… Dell have some great options in the 27″ market).

    It did become apparent (in my opinion anyway) that Windows needs a new embedded solution for smaller tablets, cameras, niche devices (yep, fridge’s) and televisions – I think Android are in a very good place to take advantage of this space. Windows RT is overkill in this area and Windows Phone wouldn’t translate as well as the looser and more fragmented (fragmentable?) Android.

    Surface Pro looks to be a winner and some of the Windows 8 devices were genuinely brilliant (mostly Lenovo).

    After a full on end to 2012 maybe I expected too much of CES this year?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I would say my favorite thing this year (Windows-related) is the ASUS Transformer AiO. It is a Windows 8 computer/tablet and it also runs Android! Best of both worlds.