CloudMuzik has your Google Music fix for Windows Phone 8

Using a Windows Phone device can be tricky if you’re someone that uses a lot of Google services. The two companies don’t get a long very well, and Google especially seems reluctant to give Windows Phone users even a sliver of support. Thankfully there are some great Windows Phone devs that have created functional replacements for Google apps. One app that does this very well is CloudMuzik, a Google Music app.

We’ve mentioned CloudMuzik in the past as the best Google Music app for Windows Phone, and still today it is easily the best option out there. Last month the app was updated for Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately the app doesn’t take advantage of any cool WP8 features, but it has been optimized for high resolution displays which is always nice. If you’re unfamiliar with CloudMuzik check out the list of features below. CloudMuzik is free for WP7 and WP8.

  • Full Library support
  • Full Refresh of music library
  • Refresh of latest songs uploaded
  • Playlist support
  • Social sharing of current song
  • Repeat and Shuffle capabilities
  • Pinning of Artist, Album, Playlist and Genre to Start
  • Background Audio
  • Experimental local song caching
  • Stability fixes
  • Allow deletion of Cached Songs from within Settings Menu
  • Song position picks back up where you left off when paused for a while
  • Fixed issues with duplicate songs
  • Added ability to rate app from within application bar menu

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