Facebook gives Bing the nod, includes web search results in new Graph Search

Facebook is having an event today that has produced more yawns than news stories. One thing to come out of the event is a new feature called Graph Search. Basically, Facebook is taking search more seriously and allowing users to do powerful things like search for “music liked by people who like Mitt Romney.” That’s pretty cool in itself, but it’s what happens when Facebook can’t find anything that interests us.

Facebook and Bing have always been partners, but previously the Bing results were relegated to a button in the sidebar. With the new Graph Search Bing results will be coming front and center and do a lot more. If you clicked the web results button in previous iterations of Facebook you would see a list of links provided by Bing. In the new search you will get things like weather forecasts, music results, and more. Anytime your search query has no results you will get Bing. A nice win for the search engine from Redmond.

[via The Verge]

  • This is good news that is for sure!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Do you guys really search from Facebook?… lol

  • anuj

    its sounds great!