AT&T HTC 8X receiving Windows Phone 8 Portico update now

The international HTC 8X received the Windows Phone 8 Portico update over a month ago, but today it’s time for the AT&T 8X to get some love. Just a few minutes ago we were checking our AT&T 8X for an update and we were surprised to see that one was ready to be installed. The release notes match up with the update that the international version of the 8X received last month. The 8X is now on software build 10211. This also marks the first OTA update for AT&T.

Portico adds several new little features to Windows Phone 8. Users can now choose to keep WiFi on even when the screen times out (WiFi>Advanced). There is also the ability to reject a phone call with a SMS message, save SMS drafts, and select all in SMS. Read more about Portico here. The update downloaded quickly for us, then the phone rebooted to a screen with moving gears. After that the phone migrated data, which was the longest step in the process, and then we were done. The whole OTA process worked seamlessly. Check your AT&T 8X now for the update.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Nice! It sucks you weren’t able to keep wifi on when the phone is sleeping. I mean with tethered plans and all. And the phone is still pulling data while sleeping.