Snes8x now available for Windows Phone 8

Last month we wrote about a Super Nintendo emulator for Windows 8/RT called Snes8x, and now the same app is available for Windows Phone 8 too. Just like the Windows 8 app, the design is very clean and straightforward. Thanks to a clever feature it’s very simple to use too.

Most emulators run ROMs that are stored on the device. This can be a pain since Windows Phone doesn’t really have a good file explorer. Snes8x makes this super simple by allowing users to u0pload the ROMs to SkyDrive and play them from there. Just download a ROM on your computer, upload it to SkyDrive, and then it’s ready to play in the app. Snes8x has on-screen controls, and even comes with one free game. Snes8x is free and available to download only for WP8 devices.


  • Edgar Cervantes

    Sweet!!! Playing from SkyDrive? Now that is a big jump. Wish Android could do the same with Google Drive or DropBox.

  • Adam Liptak

    Can’t buy app

    Sorry, you can’t get apps in this region. Please check the Store in your region

    GRRRR!!!! Why can’t I download this in AUS????

    Is it possible to get around this like Android, just download the APK and install it???

  • Los Altos Hills

    hmm I haven’t really gotten this to work properly. I got it working on my surface, but I haven’t gotten it to work on my phone with uploading the roms to skydrive