T-Mobile Lumia 810 recieving the Portico update today too

The T-Mobile Lumia 810 may not be the most popular device (we liked it), but that doesn’t mean it is getting left behind with updates. Today the 810 is recieving the Portico update that bumps the OS to build 10211. This is the same update that the HTC 8X for AT&T is reciving today as well.

Portico brings several new little features to Windows Phone 8. WiFi can now be forced to stay on even when the screen times out. This can save a little bit of data for those on tight data plans. Portico also adds a couple new SMS related features. Calls can be rejected with an SMS message, SMS can be mutli-selected, and you can save drafts in SMS as well. The update process is fairly straight forward. Just make sure you have a good charge and sit back and let the update do its thing. Check Settings>Phone Update to see if it is ready on your device.

[via WPCentral]

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