In-box USB charging cables could be a thing of the past

One of the nice trends to hit mobile in recent years has been the standardization of charging. Pretty much every phone you buy nowadays uses USB to microUSB charging. This makes it super simple to buy accessories, and use cables from old phones. Every new phone comes with a new charging cable, whether you need one or not. This creates waste.

Over in the UK, mobile network O2 ran a three month trial program involving charging cables. The program allowed customers to refuse a new charging cable if they didn’t need one. The results were¬†unanimous. More than four-in-five smartphone customers were willing to use an existing cable instead of getting a new one. O2 hopes to phase out in-box chargers by 2015 and replace it with a la carte.

Companies have already phased out in-box headphones because of similar reasons. This would be a great way for companies to cut down on cost and eliminate waste. Speaking for myself, I have more charging cables lying around than I could ever use. I would gladly use an old cable with a new phone. How about you?

[via WPCentral]

  • Interesting. I am guessing that the saving will not passed onto the customer.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I wouldn’t mind it if they actually gave you a discount. I understand many of us may have more chargers than we need, but cables get old too.

  • Napster87

    Please send me all your extra chargers. I live in a house with 5 other people and finding a phone charger is always a hassle

  • Christian Macalinao

    This idea will give benifit on the environment, many consumers, companies that produce accessories like Philips and the smartphone companies themselves due to less retail price of their products.