Microsoft reveals pricing for Windows 8 upgrades after January starting at $119

If you haven’t taken advantage of the promotion pricing for Windows 8 now is the time. Microsoft has just announced that promotional pricing for Windows 8 will be coming to an end on January 31st. After the 31st Windows 8 Pro will be available for $199 online and in stores. Standard Windows 8 will be available for $119. Until January 31st you can still get Windows 8 Pro Upgrade for only $40. That’s a savings of $80. If you haven’t upgraded yet, and you think you might want to upgrade in the future buy it now and save. $120 is a lot to spend on an operating system, even one as awesome as Windows 8.

[via Windows Blog]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    AAAAH! I have been planning to set my Mac to use both operating systems and want to get Windows 8. I think I might get it just in case, or for future use.

  • Kinda bummed to see them bump the price up so much after a nice launching point. That is a lot to ask for an OS upgrade.