Nokia releases plans for Lumia 820 back cover, wants you to 3D print your own

One of the cool things about the Nokia Lumia 820 is its interchangeable back cover. Nokia makes the cover in a wide variety of colors that users can switch in and out to keep their phone looking fresh, but Nokia doesn’t want to be the only one making Lumia 820 cases. They want you to join in.

Nokia has released┬ámechanical plans for the back cover of the Lumia 820. With these plans you can print out your very own 820 cover with a 3D printer. The only problem is 3D printers cost well over $1,000 these days. This is a really cool idea by Nokia, but until 3D printers are cheap enough to be in every home it probably won’t be very popular. If you’re one of the lucky ones to have a 3D printer and a Lumia 820 hit the link below.

[via Nokia]


  • Awesome! Only Nokia would think this way. It’s like everything they do stems from innovation.