Use apps with dark themes to get better battery life

Microsoft has taken to their blog today about how developers can make their apps more battery friendly. One way developers can cut down on battery consumption is by simply changing the color of the app background. They ran a test with an that has two different background colors: light purple and navy blue. The results were wildly different.

Running the app for five seconds each wielded very different results. The purple background used .37mAh of battery, or in other words, the app could run for 7 hours. The blue background only used .09mAh of battery, or 24 hours of run time. That’s a big difference. The display on a phone is what generally uses the most battery. Displaying dark colors is easier, especially on an AMOLED display. So next time you’re running out of a charge try switching over to the dark theme.

[via Windows Blog

  • Edgar Cervantes

    This is true, especially for AMOLED. Because the screen doesn’t use pixels that are displaying black at all. People may laugh at me for using a completely black wallpaper, but I’ll get a few more minutes of battery life at the end of the day! BOOM!