Gray Nokia Lumia 920 on sale in Hong Kong

You’ve likely seen a few mystical yellow or cyan Lumia 920 models, likely mostly from YouTube unboxing videos by some very lucky individuals. But the ultimate unicorn of the bunch is the gray version. Well, if you happen to be in Hong Kong hunting for a Windows Phone, run and don’t walk to the stores, because the model as stealthy as its color and finish just went up for sale there for 5,598 HKD, or $722 USD.

The U.S. is not expected to have any gray Lumia 920 devices for sale, so don’t hold your breath, fellow New-Worlders. In the meantime, hopefully Nokia can keep up with demand, though it may be easier now that the original release of the 920 has already passed. But, you never know…

[via Softpedia]

  • just

    That grey N920 looks very nice :-)