New Tylt Vu charging stand splashes more color into wireless charging

4 Qi-standard chargers by TyltFirst displayed at CES this year, the Tylt Vu is a new, Qi-standard charger for mobile phones. Though wireless charging is losing it’s original hype, it is still easy to pick out the benefits of using a wireless charger over plugging in a mobile device into a standard plug, such as having more flexibility with the device if you need to use it momentarily, such as for a call or text.

Nokia has already released or helped with several charging solutions, including working with JBL on the PowerUp speaker system, which allows you to both charge the phone and play music through the speakers by simply placing the phone on top of the system; and Nokia themselves have offered a free charging plate with new purchases of their Lumia 920 model. Though there have been a handful of other Qi-standard chargers floating around, Nokia seems to have made the greatest effort to push wireless charging and try to enforce a single standard. It isn’t a surprise that other manufacturers are following, but this model is worth a look.

The Tylt Vu, as you can see, is a stand; the phone rests at a 45* angle. It also features a soft-touch surface, cable management (supposedly for transport and cleanliness), and is available in the colors you see here: green (Tylt’s webpage does, in fact, sell it as “green”), blue, red, and black. You can even place your phone in a horizontal position, and it will still charge. It is available for preorder for $69.99 via Tylt’s website and will ship on April 1st.

This device seems like a definite buy if you are considering getting a wireless charger for your Windows Phone. The style, the colors, and the material are all worth choosing it over Nokia’s wireless charging stand, since both cost ~$70. Though Nokia’s product also features an NFC button which the phone can use to launch a certain app before setting your phone down, the feature will only work with Nokias, so if you have an HTC 8X or a Samsung, you are out of luck; plus, Nokia’s stand only comes in black and white. It seems like Tylt certainly had the 8X in mind, in contrast; that indigo-shade soft-touch Vu will pair nicely with an indigo-shade soft-touch HTC Windows Phone, for example. So, if you are hunting for a good Qi-charging stand for your device, this ought to catch your attention.

[Tylt via PhoneArena]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I checked this one out at CES. It is really a good accessory. Right away I thought of Windows Phone devices, because of its shape and colors. I personally really like it, and would probably get it over most other wireless chargers.

  • Might pick this up instead of the charging pads Nokia is offering.