Windows Phone 7.8 update scheduled for January 31st

We haven’t heard about the Windows Phone 7.8 update in a while. Last time we talked about it we were disappointed to report it wouldn’t arrive until 2013. It is now almost a month into 2013 and we finally have some more news on 7.8.

According to Windows Phone Columbia’s Facebook page the 7.8 update will be arriving on January 31st. They say that “some terminals” will get it on the 31st, while others will have to wait until later in Q1. This likely means that Nokia handsets will┬áreceive┬áthe update first. 7.8 includes the new Start screen, more accent colors, new lockscreen, and some other WP8 features. A lot of people have been waiting for this update. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

[via WPCentral]

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