Surface Windows 8 Pro is a lean, mean, getting things done machine [Video]

Earlier today Microsoft finally announced availability for Surface Windows 8 Pro (as they call it). To go along with that announcement they released a new YouTube video to show off what can be done with Surface Pro. The video shows that users can run full desktop apps and Metro apps. They also show that Surface, unlike most tablets, has ports to help you do things. The USB port and display port take center stage, along with the charging cable that has an extra USB port for charging. The stylus pen is also front and center in the video often.

Surface Pro is for pros, and Microsoft is set to make a big push for this market. It can do everything a laptop can do, plus it is immensely more portable. On February 9th Surface Pro goes on sale in the US and Canada starting at $899. Who’s getting one?

  • I think I will get the Surface Pro and continue to use my iPad Retina for light basic non business needs. However, MS needs to drop the Surface RT price by 30 percent if they want to compete with the iPad. The final clue to MS should have been the latest reports of Apple cutting the iPad 9 inch screen orders because the iPad mini is eating into its market. Truthfully, I wish MS would wake up and smell the coffee, FIRE Ballmer. He is no leader and a complete arrogant moron. Someone needs to start a petition to have Ballmer fired from MS ASAP.

  • Sam

    bought a Surface RT no less than 4 days ago! needed to buy something before i stared uni, and didn’t have enough fro a pro! so now the plan is to get a good 6 months use ( a semester hopefully) save some money, sell the RT, and get the pro! extremely happy with the build quality and usability of the RT and as long as the battery life on this is not atrocious I can see this being perfect for uni!