High-End Lumia Headed to Verizon Soon

According to Tom Warren, senior editor with The Verge, on Twitter a high-end Nokia Lumia phone is coming to Verizon soon.  This is exciting news for Verizon customers that have been holding out for a quality Nokia phone. There is little doubt that the 920 has been doing very well, it is already the most popular Windows Phone on the market, and some are saying it’s the fourth best selling phone on AT&T.

It’s likely this Nokia device will be an iteration of the 920 specially designed for Verizon. Fabled Lumia 922 anybody? Nothing is official from Nokia or Verizon yet, but rumors tend to come true, and it still makes little sense for Nokia to stick to its AT&T exclusivity forever. Verizon is the nation’s largest carrier after all. Hopefully this comes about quick.

[via Twitter]

  • just

    I want to see Nokia make high end phone for Tmobile.

  • CX1

    I like my 822 but the styling is blah.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Awesome! And maybe they could lower the price to $450 like everyone else? (LOL)