Microsoft releases SDK for Windows Phone 7.8

Yesterday we told you that Windows Phone 7.8 would be coming on January 31st. Today Microsoft has made that date look very good with the release of the 7.8 SDK. Now developers will be able to update their apps for Windows Phone 7.8. Windows Phone 8 apps still won’t be able to run on 7.8, so developers will have to make sure the app is compatible with both.

What can devs do with WP7.8 SDK? First and foremost they can take advantage of the new tile sizes on the Start screen. They can also test their apps to make sure they will run fine on phones will 512MB or more of RAM. It’s too bad that developers who already updated their app for WP8 have to do it again just to take advantage of something like tile sizes. We predict a lot of developers won’t care about Windows Phone 7.8, which is exactly what current users of WP7 were worried about.

[via Windows Blog]

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