Windows Phone makes gains in Europe, finally passes Blackberry

Windows Phone is on the rise in Europe, according to Kantar WorldPanel ComTech . It’s even gone as far as to surpass Blackberry and Symbian (this one should be a no brainer, with Nokia switching away from it in February 2011) market share. This is a really good sign for Windows Phone. It reached 5.4 percent of all sales in the whole EU, but when we look at individual sales we see a more exciting picture.

In Great Britain: 5.9 percent up from 2.2 percent.

In Italy: 13.9 percent up from 2.8 percent.

In Spain: 1.8 percent up from 0.4 percent.

These are very strong gains for the platform and likely just the beginning of Windows Phone’s rise from the ashes.

[via CNN Money]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Oh wow! Italians really like their Windows Phones.

  • Microsoft and Nokia will reign supreme once again!!

  • Fred931

    Makes me wonder what the numbers for India will be like…