Nokia EOS is the first true PureView Windows Phone, and it’s coming this year

Ever since Nokia unveiled the 808 PureView Windows Phone fans have been clamoring for the same technology. With the Lumia 920 we got a taste of PureView (and it tastes pretty good). The Verge is reporting that Nokia plans to unveil a Windows Phone this year with a similar sensor to the 808. The 808 PureView has an insane 41MP sensor. You could use that to take gigantic photos, but the real use for the tech is making digital zooming much better.

The device is codenamed “EOS.” Like previous rumors indicated this phone will sport an aluminum body instead of the familiar polycarbonate. The Verge also reports that AT&T will once again be the carrier to offer the handset, which should undoubtedly upset many fans. The EOS will go alongside the previously rumored successor to the 920 codenamed “Catwalk,” and a rumored Windows RT tablet. 2013 is already shaping up to be a great year for Nokia hardware.

  • thounaojam rabi

    not for asian market ?

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Gotta love them Zeiss lenses. Having more MP also helps with grain on high ISO images. Should be nice to have, especially for such a small sensor.