How is the battery life on your Microsoft Surface RT?

One of the reasons Microsoft created Windows RT was because they wanted to get Windows into the tablet space. Full Windows 8 needs powerful processors and big batteries, which is not cheap, and can’t be priced competitively with the iPad. So they created Windows RT to be a low power solution. The only problem is some users of Windows RT are reporting that it’s anything but “low power.”

First Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet reported that her Surface RT battery was draining unusually fast while the device was not in use. She took it to Microsoft who told her that her problem was “atypical.” Turns out it’s not as unusual as they might like to think. Just a few days ago Tom Warren from The Verge tweeted that he was having the same problem. Personally, my Surface battery life is pretty good. I have not noticed an unusual battery drain while the device is idle.

What about you? Let’s find out how common this issue really is. Let us know below how battery life is on your Surface!

  • CX1

    With bluetooth off I charge about every other day. Getting 9-10 hours of use. Bluetooth is the biggest battery drain I can see.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    That is not bad at all.

  • Douglas Kirschman

    With fairly heavy use (lots of browsing, Jetpack Joyride), I get 9 to 10 hours out of it as well.

  • My battery life is fantastic. With moderately heavy use I get a day and a half. I wish it was the same for my 920.

  • Necrobain

    I am getting good battery life as well. Typically several days with just light to medium usage.

  • lhwang

    i’m having the same problem. battery dies quickly when idle.