Nokia Laser is a high-end Lumia flagship headed for Verizon

Good news for Verizon fans that are still holding out for a high-end Nokia phone. The Verge is reporting that Nokia and Verizon are planning a Lumia 920 variant codenamed “Laser.” It will have similar specs to the 920, and will debut alongside the previously rumored Catwalk device.

The Verge is also reporting that Microsoft will be heavily pushing this new Verizon device. They will be investing money to help Verizon and Nokia with marketing. It will be marketed alongside other high-end phones on Verizon, such as the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5. This is very big news for Verizon customers, and Windows Phone in general. A high-end Lumia on Big Red is a very good thing. No word on time frame was given other than “later this year.”

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I need specs! :D

  • proph

    probably just the 920T we saw released in china (keep in mind that is not a bad thing). if it is the 920T or better i will still be picking it up day 1, I need a DATE. finally high end nokia on verizon!