Untappd social drinking app is coming soon to Windows Phone 8

There is a social network for just about everything these days. How could there not be one for drinking beer? Of course there is, and it’s called Untappd. On the Untappd Blog they have announced that their is coming to Windows Phone by the end of March. Untappd is already available for iOS and Android.

So what the heck does Untappd do? Think of it like Foursquare for beer. Instead of checking in at a bar you “check-in” with what you are drinking. Also like Foursquare, you can earn badges andĀ achievementsĀ (just don’t sacrifice your liver to do so). With Untappd you can see what your friends are drinking, what has high recommendations, and other cool stuff. If you’re of age, and like to enjoy a drink or two, Untappd will be an app you want.

[Untappd via WPCentral]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Never checked this app out before! I am downloading it right now. I love a good beer, so this should be fun!

  • John McCosta

    Should also check out Shuffle Shot Drinking App! Pretty cool apps out there!