Microsoft testing Outlook app for Windows RT?

When Microsoft announced one of the things they focused on was how it is made for the web. They showed how it can scale to different screen sizes and even work well with touchscreens. If you own a Windows RT device you have to rely on the web offerings since the desktop app can’t be installed. it appears that Microsoft is not happy with just having a web app for RT users, so they are creating an official app.

This news comes from ZDNet. They report that Microsoft has just finished testing an Outlook app for Windows RT. This will give RT users a full featured alternative to the simple web app. ZDNet also states that there is some internal debate on the value of releasing a RT app. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Are there any Outlook users out there who need a more powerful app?

[ZDNet via The Verge]

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!
    But how is this different than the regular Mail app?! :-/

  • AS147

    It is the main reason I waited for the Surface Pro. As an Outlook power user I would jump onto the RT version if it were functional enough. That along with a lower cost, thinner tablet would probably do it for me. I just don’t think there are many others who would be swayed by this. The allure of full Windows app functionality is strong when looking at the Surface Pro. However the price when you consider thin and powerful ultrabooks being $200-300 cheaper and some convertibles at $100-200 cheaper will draw users also. The perfect device for me would be a thinner next Gen Surface Pro with an updated more power efficient processor and thinner device.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    All I really care for is Adobe apps. If Adobe creates quality apps like PhotoShop and Light Room for Windows RT, I am dumping the idea of getting a Pro.

  • idlelimey

    Personally I don’t see the need for Outlook RT. But that doesn’t mean I think they shouldn’t do it. I have no need for that level of email client on Surface so *I wouldn’t have to install it*. Others, however, would have need and therefore I think they should release it – only if it performs acceptably well on RT.

    In a perfect world they’d release a good metro email client on RT for light to moderate use (think Outlook Express level functionality, remember that?) and allow access to a desktop version of Outlook for Exchange users.

    Whatever they do, they really need to improve, drastically, the existing mail app. It is sub-par and not fit for the otherwise excellent Surface (or Windows 8 generally). The Windows Phone email client is excellent, so too should the RT client be.

  • Necrobain

    Would love to see A full featured Outlook app for Surface RT. I honestly don’t understand why they didn’t do it to start out with. Please release is soon Microsoft!