Nokia Lumia 822 getting dipped in red for Valentines Day

Nokia likes colors. If you’ve seen any of their Windows Phone devices you are well aware of this. Verizon likes the color red. Sounds like a good combination, doesn’t it? Nokia and Verizon thought so too, so right now they are offering the Lumia 822 in bright red just in time for Valentines Day. It can be found online or in stores for free with a new two-year contract. The Lumia 822 is also available in black, grey, and white. The Lumia 822 is a very nice mid-range offering from Verizon, no matter what color you choose.


  • Edgar Cervantes

    Here I go again… with the pricing. But seriously, Verizon! How are you going to sell this phone for $450 when that is what other carriers sell their high-end Windows Phones for?! It upsets me.