Gunstringer: Dead Man Running for Windows 8 is free today

Gunstringer is a popular Xbox game that uses Kinect controls. Players use their hands to operate the main character, a dead gunslinger,  like a marionette. it was one of the very first games I ever played on Kinect, and it left me impressed. Now it is making the move to Windows 8. Obviously we don’t get the same Kinect controls, but the game is still very fun.

Gunstringer for Windows 8 takes on a more Temple Run-ish approach than it’s console brother.  You can use touch controls or keyboard controls to move the gunslinger side by side, jumps, and slides to collect coins and avoid obstacles. There are targets along the side to shoot as well. There is a story mode with four stages, and an endless running mode. Gunstringer is free for today from the Windows Store as an Xbox title. Go check it out if you’re at all interested. Hopefully now that this game is on Windows 8 it will be ported over to Windows Phone soon.

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