Microsoft looking to open stores in Detroit and Honolulu

Detroit and Honolulu might be as different as two cities can be, but if Microsoft has anything to do with it they will have at least one thing in common. A job posting on Microsoft’s Careers website shows the company is looking for people to work in new stores in Detroit, Michigan and Honolulu, Hawaii. Microsoft has been slowly expanding its retail presence in the last year, and they will certainly try to keep growing in 2013. Currently they have 51 stores in the US.

As Microsoft makes a push into hardware, like they did with Surface, they will want more places to sell the products. Having a retail store means Microsoft can control the buying experience for consumers. They won’t have to rely on Best Bey staffers to learn about Microsoft products.

Is there a Microsoft Store near you? Have you ever visited?

[via Neowin]

  • Mudrat

    If Microsoft are serious about their Surface and Win 8 etc, then open a shop in Sydney Australia. The sooner they open one here the better or they will slip back and I am sick of seeing so called “Sales reps” from retailers tell me about the Surface when they do not know anything about it. Time to get serious Microsoft!!!

  • Mudrat

    Also as Microsoft is “meant” to be in a global economy then they need to stop focusing on the USA and open in more places as us Aussies are sick of being treated like cave people by large companies, at least Apple have stores here, but I am not an Apple fanboi…please Microsoft open one now!!