Touchdown Mail Client coming to Windows RT and 8 in Beta

For those of you out there who are disappointed with the default mail client in Windows 8, or RT for that matter, need not worry about waiting for much longer. It is looking very likely that we will be getting a version of Outlook for Windows RT, but there is still nothing official or any set release date. Fear not, the popular mail client Touchdown by Nitrodesk is now in beta development, with a release date right around the corner.

You’ll have access to most of the major abilities that strong email programs have like email, contacts, calendar, etc. And, very importantly it will have Exchange ActiveSync support so it will be really great for business. Since business relies heavily on Outlook for almost everything, this will be a great addition to make Windows RT an even more attractive choice for business looking to role out Windows RT devices instead of more expensive Windows 8 devices.

This is shaping up to probably be the first real email client that Windows RT and 8 needed. For those of you wanting a more expansive email client experience can actually try out the beta for it now, but you do need a developer license to do so. Follow the link to get instructions on how to participate. This is great news for productivity enthusiasts with Windows RT devices and also regular Windows 8 devices. Look forward to seeing this in the Windows Store soon enough.

[via ZDNet]

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