Mercury, a Google Talk app for Windows 8, is now available

Almost exactly two months ago we showed you a preview of a new Google Talk app for Windows 8/RT called Mercury. The developer moved in the middle of working on the app, so it got delayed a little bit, but today it has finally arrived in the Windows Store. Finding a decent Google Talk app in the Store can be difficult, so we’re glad to see another option come out.

Mercury Has a plain and simple design. The goal of the app was to keep as much functionality that you would find in the GTalk desktop app, but wrap it in an elegant Metro design. Therefore you can do just about everything you would expect to be able to do in a GTalk app. The developer behind Mercury says they already have a couple updates on the way, so if you download the app keep that in mind. Mercury is $1.99 with a free trial. Grab it below.

  • That looks amazing. Downloading the demo now. Hopefully it works as nicely as its screenshots look… because if so, they have my moneys.