Xbox Skulls of Shogun now available for Windows Phone

It’s been a while, but a new Xbox game for Windows Phone has finally arrived. Skulls of Shogun has officially completed the Windows trifecta: Windows 8, Xbox Live Arcade, and now Windows Phone. Tomorrow is the official launch date for all three platforms, but we’re seeing it already available in the Windows Phone Store.

Skulls of Shogun is a turn-based strategy game set in Japan. Players control an undead Japanese general who commands an undead army of soldiers. The goal is get revenge on the people who killed the general in his other life. Skulls of Shogun is available for $4.99 on Windows Phone, $9.99 on Windows 8, and 1200 Points on Xbox Arcade. Right now it’s only available in the WP Store, which you can get below. It should also be noted that it is available for WP8 & 7, and there is a free trial.

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