19 percent of potential mobile phone buyers want a Windows Phone

Right now the mobile phone market can be described as “big two, and then everyone else.” Windows Phone is securely in the “everyone else” category of that statement, but being the leader of “everyone else” is still up for grabs. Just recently Windows Phone passed Blackberry in market share. This is a good accomplishment, but passing Blackberry is not nearly as impressive as it used to be. Plus today Blackberry announced some really nice looking products that could help them surge back ahead. The question that will shape the future mobile industry is “what do consumers want?”

A study conducted by Prosper Insights shows that a good chunk of consumers want Windows Phone. the study polled adults 18 years and older who are considering a mobile phone purchase within the next three months. The highest two results are not surprising: 53% want Android, and 35% want an iPhone. Coming in third with a respectable 19% is Windows Phone. Blackberry comes in last with only 11%. (If you’re wondering why the numbers don’t add up it’s because some people want more than one.) These are very good numbers for Microsoft. The next step is for consumer’s “wants” to become consumer’s “buys” so market share keeps going up.

[via Neowin]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I think Windows Phones look very attractive to the general consumer. They are good-looking and getting a lot of press. They are also very dynamic and easy to use… I know I have recommended it to a few.

  • As more people get used to the look/feel of Win8 and stop trying to live in the past, then Windows Phone will gain more and more momentum. Hopefully they don’t back down on this new direction because a few people had their feathers ruffled.

  • This is good news. As a recently cured Android addict, it feels good to be out of the world of catch-up with the latest Android OS. I spout the word of WP when ever asked, and sometimes when I am not :)

  • Jonda99

    I can’t wait until my contract is up. It’s time to get out of Android and into Windows. I’m loving the new Windows, and the hardware is more attractive than anything else out there.