Microsoft gets their wish: Google extends Exchange ActiveSync cut-off to July 31st [Update]

Last week it was revealed that Google told Microsoft about ending Exchange ActiveSync back in the summer, but Microsoft still went ahead and released Windows Phone 8 without critical components for Google users after the cut-off. When Google announced that the cut-off date would be January 30th (today) Microsoft reported that they were surprised, and started begging Google to extend the deadline. It looks like that begging paid off.

The Verge is reporting that Google has extended the ActiveSync cut-off date to July 31st. That is six months from the original date, the exact time frame Microsoft was asking for. This extension only goes for Windows Phone users. A spokesperson told The verge that the change will go as planned for all platforms, but they will continue to support ActiveSync on Windows Phone until the July deadline. This will give Microsoft ample time to implement the new CardDAV and CalDAV protocols that Google will be using going forward. Did Google decide to be nice, or did Microsoft decide to open their checkbook? Either way, we now have more time.

UPDATE: Confirmed: Windows Phone Blog

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Good one! I am glad we are getting more time. I keep switching devices and was thinking of using Windows Phone for a while longer. After hearing I wouldn’t have Gmail I decided to delay the switch, but now I can go full speed ahead!