Microsoft confirms CardDAV and CalDAV updates are coming to Windows Phone

Earlier today Microsoft announced that Google is graciously extending the Exchange ActiveSync cut-off deadline to July 31st for Windows Phone users. Microsoft was reportedly begging Google to extend the deadline, and it appears that it paid off. This is good news in itself, but a long term solution is still needed.

Microsoft has confirmed that they are indeed working on a Windows Phone update that will include support for CardDAV and CalDAV, the new protocols that Google is using for contacts and calendar info. Unfortunately Windows 8 users won’t be getting the same good news. Microsoft says that Windows 8 users simply won’t be able to use Google accounts for Calendar after today. They will instead have to add it to their Microsoft account first. A real bummer.

Microsoft did not give a time frame for when the update will arrive, but as long as they beat the July 31st deadline we should be okay.

[via Windows Phone Blog]

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