Nokia officially announces Windows Phone 7.8 update for Lumia devices starting today

It was previously rumored that Nokia would start rolling out the Windows Phone 7.8 update to Lumia devices on January 30th. Well, today is January 30th, and that rumor has come true. Nokia just announced on their website that Windows Phone 7.8 has begun rolling out for a slew of Lumia devices. The list of devices includes the Lumia 900, 800, 710, 610, and 510. The update will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

As current owners are well aware by now, this update does not bring as many Windows Phone 8 features as we hoped. Basically you are getting a new start screen…and that’s it. You can also set the lockscreen to Bing images, but no other apps can access the lockscreen. 3rd party notifications on the lockscreen are also absent. Lastly you will get more accent colors. It’s not the update we wanted, but it is better than nothing. As always, you can manually check for the update in the phone settings.

Let us know if you get the update!