Nokia says Lumia is the worlds best business smartphone, jabs Blackberry

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The big news today comes from the company-formerly-known-as-RIM and their new OS and flagship smartphone. Blackberry has always been loved by businesses for it’s many business features, but in the past few years the competition, such as Windows Phone, has made big strides to be business ready. This has lead a lot of businesses to adopt “bring your own phone,” which lets employees use many different popular smartphones, not just Blackberry devices.

Nokia has taken to Facebook to point out that Lumia devices are just as business-ready, if not more, than Blackberry devices. The picture above was posted with the caption “Blackberries make a great snack, but for the world’s best business smartphone try a Lumia” and linked to a page with more business features listed. With a company like Microsoft behind them, who has always been good to businesses, Nokia has a good point. Is Blackberry the only way to go? Not anymore.

[via Facebook]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I think BlackBerry is beginning to change direction. They are much more focused on making the experience fun now. They didn’t put as much emphasis on business stuff as they usually did in the past.