gMaps Free navigates its way to Windows Phone 8

Until last week when Nokia Drive finally came to all Windows Phone 8 devices the best alternative to Bing was gMaps. Some people may still prefer Bing or Nokia maps, but there are still a faithful Google Maps users in the Windows world. gMaps is an excellent app for those people, and now it has been bumped to Windows Phone 8. The Pro version of gMaps has been available for WP8 for a while now, but now its free sibling is getting the promotion as well.

One of the nice things about gMaps is it ties right in to Local Scout. When you are on the page of a destination you can choose “drive” to get turn-by-turn navigation. gMaps is one of the few apps that this feature works with. gMaps now has all the Windows Phone 8 features you would expect: double wide and small tile sizes, and fast resume from the tile. It still all has the data and mapping info hat you would expect from Google Maps, which puts this third-party app right up there with Bing and Nokia. Check it out below.

[via WPCentral]

  • Fred931

    gMaps Pro is still worth the purchase price for me, since it gives me the alternate directions (before navigation begins) and Streetview that Nokia/Bing Maps can’t provide. Still things I don’t like that make me stick with the standard apps, though, like the crowded UI and general feel of having to resort to a third party app when the other programs SHOULD be working just as well.