[Humor] Watch a room full of smartphone users try to figure out Blackberry 10

Alright, so this might not have a lot to do with Windows Phone, but I can’t help but share it. Blackberry 10 is very different from previous versions of Blackberry, in fact it’s very different from anything out there right now. So naturally it takes a while to learn how to use. Mashable decided it would be funny to put a Blackberry 10 device in the hands of smartphone users to see if they could figure out how to use it. The results are quite amusing.

Since there is no traditional home button many of the people couldn’t even figure out how to go to the homescreen. It was also hard for them to figure out how to unlock the phone since it requires a gesture. This is the one problem with gesture based UI’s like BB 10 and even Windows 8. Unless you see a tutorial before you begin it’s hard to know what to do. Plus there is a lot of information that is hidden unless you know how to access it. This can be¬†unfriendly¬†to new users. Check out the video and have a laugh at the expense of Blackberry.

  • Fred931

    There needs to be a video like for this for every mobile OS. Now we just have to find people who have never used iOS or Android before…

  • So, it looks swiping up from the bottom gets you to the home page, which is very similar to scrolling through your e-mails or whatever it is you scroll you. The only difference is where your finger starts? If I handled this the same way I do my current phone, I would throw it against a wall within the first 15 minutes…

  • Look I’m a new buyer! I have no qualms with a new system.

    Opens box. Nice Looking!

    Turns it on. Now how do I unlock this thing.
    Every device has it. Use it.

  • Shouldn’t need a manual to know how to use a phone.

  • Brian has a good point, but then again, so does Joe. Imagine the worst case scenario, you are in a real emergency and need to call 911. These people couldn’t even get passed a lockscreen, some couldn’t even get to the lockscreen. If you aren’t a BB10 user, you’d be screwed. Okay, this scenario might be a bit farfetched, but it would put you in a problem you wouldn’t have if you had to access any other phone.

  • Any device needs some time to learn how to use it. First time I played with a iPad I needed a few minutes to figure things out. Save thing is true with my computer, dvd player, tv, router, my toaster oven. Hell, even board games have learning curves.

    My best advice for anybody is just use it and play around with it. It is the only way to become familiar with a platform.

    So throwing a phone to somebody and expecting them to know how to use it is stupid. Like all those Windows 8 videos. They haven’t been through the initiation of using the computer. SHow them that first and then let them use it.

    Its like putting 5 people from 1776 who have never seen a light switch and one person from 2013 who knows only electricity telling them to turn on the light. They will look at that bulb and wonder, what the hell is this! Give me some matches and a candle.
    Anyone of them curious enough to try things out will figure out that flipping the switch will turn on the light. But how long until they do. If that future person showed them. Oh how fast they will learn.
    Ok, done ranting now.

  • Breakingillusions

    lol epic video thank you a lot

  • Edgar Cervantes

    LOL! Love it!!! “People still use hotmail?” LMAO!