Lumia 920 schools the Blackberry Z10 in camera comparison

A very important part in any new smartphone is the camera. People expect excellent cameras in smartphones nowadays, and no one knows that more than Nokia. Blackberry, on the other hand, may want to take a few pointers. Gizmodo had the chance to compare cameras on the Z10 to the Lumia 920 and other top phones. The results look very good for us, but not for Blackberry.

Gizmodo took a photo of an Assassin’s Creed statue in a dimly lit room with the Z10, Lumia 920, iPhone 5, and Galaxy S III. The Lumia 920 came out easily on top followed by the iPhone and GSIII. The Z10 landed firmly in last place with an abysmal photo. It’s hard to even make out the statue at all in the Z10 photo, while the Lumia 920 is clear as day with all the colors visible. We don’t know how good the quality is for daylight photos, but seeing how poor these low light shots are we’re guessing they can’t compete either. Blackberry 10 has some cool new software tricks for the camera, but will it matter if quality is so bad? Is this another fatal oversight from Blackberry?

  • Fred931

    I bet the assassin prefers the Z10, though. ;)

  • dude

    Low light WITHOUT a flash… Don’t see how this important ?
    Why would you not turn your flash on and get a great pic?