Surface hasn’t scratched the, well, Surface of the tablet market

Microsoft’s entry into the tablet market may not be making the dent that Redmond may have hoped. In a recent tablet study by the IDC confirmed that Apple still dominates the tablet market, with 22.9% hold of all tablet sales in Q4. That’s a drop from 2011’s Q4 iPad shipments that checked in at 51.7% , most likely due to new competitors in the tablet market. Following up is Samsung, Amazon, Asus, and then Barnes and Noble. Notice a certain manufacturer absent? Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Surface RT debuted on October 31, a little later than other manufacturer’s already established products, but the number is just as disappointing: 900,000 units. That’s shy of Steve Ballmer’s goal to sell “ a couple million” of Surfaces, and the first solid number we’ve heard from a major research firm. The Surface Pro is set to debut soon, but time will only tell if Microsoft can break the vicious cycle.


[via The Verge]

  • Wow, I do blame MS for pricing the Surface RT at an outrageous price. However, the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy 7″ did not even sell 500k units in their first launch quarter, I am just amazed at the crap people are saying.

  • Good point about the Xoom. That thing was a disaster. But I don’t think Surface RT was priced too outrageously.

  • The Xoom is the reason I lost interest in ARM tablets. I just bought a touchscreen Windows 8 Laptop for 449. Since I really don’t need a tablet (and the small screen that come with them), the laptop form was more important to me. The ASUS X202e, or Q200e are amazing laptops for the price.

  • To be honest 900k isn’t that bad. Android Tablets sold like shit for a year or two.