T-Mobile Lumia 810 will be able to get LTE with a software update

How does getting LTE in a software update sound? That is exactly what T-Mobile says they will be doing for the Nokia Lumia 810. You might be asking how is this possible? The Lumia 810 actually has a chipset on-board that supports T-Mobile’s LTE network. In fact the Lumia 810 is one of only two devices on Tmo that have this chipset, the other is the Note II. This forward planning allows Tmo to send an update to enable the chip that has been dormant.

T-Mobile also has the HTC 8X, but unless it has the same chipset it won’t be able to get LTE support in a simple OTA update. T-Mobile didn’t give a timeframe for when the 810 will be updated, but their LTE network isn’t in most places yet so it should be a big deal to wait. If you want to eventually take advantage of Tmo LTE the 810 is still an excellent choice. Does anyone live in an LTE coverage area?

[via Engadget]

  • just

    Good news! Now just waiting for T mobile to flip the switch and software update.