Fitbit app coming to Windows Phone 8 soon [Update]

Fitbit is an up and coming fitness tracking device that has gotten very popular in the last few years. They have several products to choose from that allow you to track almost every thing you do. The information that is recorded get uploaded to the web for easy viewing. It does this by syncing via WiFi or Bluetooth. Fitbit has Android and iOS apps that can sync with Bluetooth, but not Windows Phone.

In an email to a curious customer Fitbit confirmed that they are indeed working on a Windows Phone 8 app. They don’t have an official date for release, but they did say it would be coming soon. The only problem with a Fitbit app is that in order for it to sync to the phone it needs some Bluetooth tech that isn’t present in Windows Phone. This means that the app will most likely just show stats and info, but you will have to sync the Fitbit somewhere else. Microsoft needs to support these modern standards that have been found in iOS and Android for a while. The Fitbit app will still be nice to have, and should be here in time for their new Flex band.

UPDATE: Fitbit has reached out to us with the following statement.

Fitbit is looking at various platforms, and exploring new apps, but currently the Windows 8 phone app is not going to be released in the next few weeks, nor do we have any timing or confirmation on a Windows 8 phone app.

[via Neowin]

  • Don’t some WP8 phones have Bluetooth 4.0? Is it WP8 itself that is limited to a previous version of Bluetooth?

  • WinSource

    Yeah, it’s the OS that limits it.

  • So all that’s necessary is a update by Microsoft, correct?

  • eashley

    That sucks. I just bought this awesome fit bit, and was using with my iphone and was so great! Now I upgraded to a Windows 8 phone and I’ve lost all that great stuff. Ugh!