Flip-to-silence coming back to Windows Phone 8 soon

Nokia had a nice feature in Windows Phone 7 called “flip-to-silence.” It simply allows users to flip the device over to silence a phone calls or alarms. This is something a lot of platforms have, but for some reason Nokia had to add it to WP7. In Windows Phone 8 that feature somehow got lost or forgotten, even on Nokia phones. A lot of people were upset that this feature was left out of Windows Phone 8, but it appears to be coming back soon.

One user reports that a Lumia 620 update added the flip-to-silence feature back to Windows Phone 8. The firmware update was pulled down from NaviFirm. This is good news for all the people who have been missing this feature. It’s still odd that it wasn’t included in Windows Phone 8 for all phones from the start. This is a feature that should not be for only Nokia phones. Hopefully we see this in the next update for Windows Phone 8.

[via WPCentral]

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