Microsoft Research releases “Blink,” a rapid fire camera app for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Research has brought some pretty cool apps to Windows Phone in the last few years. The most recent is a camera lens app called Blink. The idea of Blink is to help you take a shot of something that is moving. It can be hard to time a photo just right when you take action shots, but Blink helps by letting you take 20 shots in the blink of an eye.

If you’re unfamiliar with lens app in Windows Phone 8 they are apps that can be accessed directly from the camera app. To use Blink you can open the camera and then tap the lens icon. There you will see all the apps you have installed that work with the camera. Select Blink and you will be in the app.

The Blink interface couldn’t be simpler. Once launched you cn choose front or rear camera. just tap the screen and Blink will take 20 rapid photos. On the bottom of the screen you can drag your finger through the 20 photos. Once you find one you like just hit the save button and only that photo will be saved in your library. Don’t like any photos? Just hit the cancel and try again. This is a really great app for capturing action shots, or trying to get the perfect photo of your cat for Reddit karma. Blink is free from the Windows Phone Store for WP8 devices.

Thanks Mark!

  • My dog will never escape looking adorable ever again. Muhuhuhuhaha..